Enhancing Content Marketing by Using Transcription Services


While we are in the process of creating content, there’s a high probability that we will be talking to some expert for any background information that we wants to appear in the final product. The process of conducting interviews vary, it’s done through a phone call or through podcast or through Skype etc. It’s quite hectic to remember exactly the content that is spoken in the interviews every time even if you jot down notes. What’s the solution?  Transcripts!!!!!!

I’d say that transcripts are like decoders. Transcripts convert your codes (spoken words from the interviews) into words on a document.

What is transcript?

A transcript is a written or typed record of any conversation that is recorded through webcast, seminars, podcasts, conference meetings and so on. Conversion of audio/video-to-text is called transcription, to say in a simpler way.

The audio from the interview is converted to word-for-word text so that we have a complete writings of what was said, and it is very important in editing your projects.

Use of Transcripts?

  • Initiating quick approval from client
  • Saves you time
  • Helps you to concentrate more on the interview rather than writing down quick notes.

Having the exact words that are spoken help us to create the script, which will be very easy for the client to go through from his end and makes a quick approval. When we know that everything that we speak in an interview is captured on document it helps us to be fully engaged with the guests.

It’s always better to have someone else transcribe your interviews because it frees us from the thinking of getting it transcribed, and concentrate on other facets of the project. It also keeps us fresh on the perspective of the project as hearing the interview again and again might exhaust you, if you are transcribing them.

It’s always a smart move to have your interview transcribed by professional transcribers. If you send the interview out to a service, having a pro handle your transcripts is worth every penny in the long run.

I hope this article is helpful in enhancing your content management.


Transcription Spot “Plant A Tree”

“He Who Plants a Tree Plants a Hope”

Transcription Spot takes great pride to have taken this initiative for the welfare of our environment and to save our planet.

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What do we Offer?

Our online transcription service extends to a wide range, including:

  • Audio Transcription
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  • Financial Transcription
  • Dictation Services
  • Video Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Investigative Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Insurance Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • Podcast Transcription
  • Media Transcription
  • Text-to-Text Transcription
  • Webinar Transcription

Besides the above said highlights of Transcription Spot services, our pride is our cost, which is the lowest in the industry at just $0.70 / minute.

We have over thousands of satisfied customers from across the world, who continues to choose us for their repeated transcription needs. This states our reputation and growth in the transcription industry.

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Benefits of Academic Transcription

If you hold educational seminars, be they academic or commercial in nature, you are likely already recording them on audio for posterity, but did you know you can take that one step further? Adding seminar transcription to the mix transforms your auditory words of wisdom into black-and-white print for all to enjoy.

Five Benefits of Transcribing Your Seminars

  1. Transcripts let educators and businesses reach a wider audience by giving the hard of hearing an opportunity to learn too. If you’ve dedicated your whole life to the education of others, you get how important this is. Transcripts can also be used as a study aid by all students, regardless of whether they attended the seminar or not.
  2. Transcripts allow businesses to reach more people.Seminar attendees can share transcripts with friends and neighbors, perhaps garnishing additional interest and conversions for your enterprise. Transcripts can also be handed out to press and other parties who make inquiries about your seminars.
  3. Transcripts allow for clearer interpretation of your information because each change of speaker can be clearly identified as it occurs. No one has to guess at who said what because of a hard-to-hear audio file.
  4. Transcripts provide an easily searchable reference. When you have text files that contain your information, there’s no need to fast forward and rewind to hunt for the exact information you need. Just search by keyword, and easily find the point of reference you’re looking for without wasting a lot of time.
  5. Transcripts give you a way of turning your seminars into a literary work when you’re ready. Rather than having to sift through multiple audios when the time comes to compile your intellectual work, it will already be prepared for you. All you have to do is copy, paste and alter as you like.

Using a Transcription Service

If transcripts sound like a lot of work, don’t get panic. The workload is easily handled when you crowdsource it to a transcription service. Transcription Spot engages an experienced pool of transcribers and editors with trained ears and proofreaders with keen eyes to get the job done expediently. Contact us at www.transcriptionspot.com or feel free to email us at transcription@transcriptionspot.com.

Three things to know before starting your career as a Transcriptionist

The common things between General, Legal and Medical Transcription are as follows:

  • Almost all of the transcription companies require you to have a high-speed broadband or internet connection in order to work for them. Why is that a case? Because the files you are working with them can be very large, and with a dial-up connection, it could literally take you all day to download a file. That’s a waste of their time and yours. There is a rather depressingly high percentage of them that follow this thing. If you do not have access to a high-speed Internet connection, understand upfront that your job search may take much longer, and be much more difficult.
  • Transcription is not something to do as a hobby. This is not something that you can do during your leisure time, and hope to stay employed for more than a couple of months. Companies have contracted to do this work with the client, have signed contracts stating that they will provide a certain turnaround time (TAT) on the work, and if they subcontract that work out to you, and you do not get the work done in the specified TAT time, you will be very lucky if the company gives you even one more chance. If you break the TAT time twice in a row, you can be sure your employment with them will be terminated by the end of the day.
  • You don’t have to have highly configured computer to do transcription. Yes, there is good news on this list! You need to have a computer that runs Windows XP; sometimes they require you to use Pro instead of Home edition, although that is not very common. You also need to be able to run Word 2000 or newer, audio software like Express Scribe, and a text expander like Instant Text, all at the same time. If you have a Mac computer, you are in for a really hard uphill fight to getting a job. 98% of the transcription companies out there require Windows. Many Mac enthusiasts will have a Mac for their home use, and a Windows computer for their work.

High Quality Transcription Service Companies

We always get asked about the future of transcription companies often, “don’t you think that transcription will be done by speech recognition software or outsourced to cheaper labor countries and markets over the next few years?”

The answer is yes, but I think some of the transcription work will be relegated to cheaper models.  This thing had already started happening.  There are many transcription agencies and companies that rely on only huge volumes of work and meager profit margins, charging as low as $45-70 per hour of audio.  The reason is to occupy a specific niche in this transcription market, just as most of the transcription firms do to have an equally important niche.

I’m not sure how they get their transcriptions done, but I do know many of the transcribers would be able to accept the sort of pay that $45-70 per audio hour allows them for (close to $10-15 an hour.)

One of the important thing about transcription is we don’t know the hardships the transcribers face unless we do it.  Transcribing is a skilled labor, and only some of them can do it. Transcription takes a good keen eye on details, hand-eye coordination, and listening abilities which is quite rare, and only certain people possess these skill sets. More often than not, the transcribers who take transcription tests don’t often pass, due to the fact that they don’t possess these necessary skills. Even people who have years of transcription and writing experience don’t always clear the transcription tests, which is a worrying fact.

There are dialects, vocabulary and accents that come into the picture. There are some words used in UK English such as ‘Blinkered’, which at first I nearly had to spend about 10 minutes to Google it, trying to figure out the exact meaning.  Once learning about different dialects used in UK, Scotland and Wales, things were clear afterwards.  It’s not a word that people from USA or other English speaking countries use.

These are just few examples of the things that should be taken into consideration while processing a transcript to the very best. Considering all these things, a person who is an experienced transcriptionist make those decisions and take enough care to make the transcript look readable and neat.